What is Partnership

Partnering with Yadah-Tv means partnering with us as Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD Ministries). Partnering is the act of giving to the house of God for the support of God’s ministry. Being a Partner means you are equally concerned with the spreading of God’s Word to all places. You understand the vision and mission of the visionary or leader of the Ministry. A partner becomes a very important person of the Ministry who is different from other ordinary congregants. You commit yourself through using the resources that you have (be it time, financial or material) in order for God’s word to progress. Just like a cheerful giver to the house of God, a partner is abundantly blessed by the Almighty for supporting His work.

Why partner with Yadah TV?

PHD Ministries has a lot of activities which demand financial resources including infrastructure development and humanitarian support. PHD Ministries like any other God’s Ministry is a non-profit making organisation which relies on Partners and donors for the success of all its projects which are meant to spread God’s gospel. Without your partnering hand the success of the Ministries’ activities and projects slows down, therefore it is important for you to support God’s work through giving. One who gives with an open heart is sowing a seed in God’s field and he will reap in abundance. Imagine yourself having paid for a brick laid during construction, facilitating a seat during one service or feeding an orphan even just one meal would make a great difference in the eyes of God and He will reward you abundantly.

Partner With Us